5 Reasons to Make a Pledge to sustainablog’s Pedal-a-Watt Powered Blogathon

Building with straw bales at Dancing Rabbit
Building with straw bales at Dancing Rabbit

Still thinking about whether you’d like to pledge a donation to sustainablog’s Pedal-a-Watt Powered Blogathon to support residential outreach and education infrastructure at the Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage? Here are some good reasons to offer your support to this sustainable community.

  1. Your pledge will likely be doubled: We’ve got $5000 in matching funds available — we at sustainablog are pledging $2500 of our initial revenue, and others have pledged another $2500. So, it’s likely that any pledge you make will be worth twice as much.
  2. You could get a gift out of it: The folks who publish the compost making guide “World’s Best Compost” will give away copies to anyone who donates $50 (before matching funds) to Dancing Rabbit during the blogathon. This ebook normally sells for $34.77.
  3. You’ll support low-impact lifestyles: The folks at DR have learned to live in a manner that reduces their environmental impact by 80% compared to the average American.
  4. You’ll contribute to educating people on self-sufficiency: DR regularly provides educational opportunities on topics related to generating renewable power, growing and preserving food, building with natural materials, and harvesting rainwater. All of these events provide information and ideas for living more independently, with a lower environmental footprint.
  5. You’ll help spread the word about how to create more livable communities: Other workshops at DR focus on building healthy, happy, thriving local communities. Topics include alternative currencies, consensus decision making, and ecological design and village planning.

Need more reasons? Check out Dancing Rabbit’s commitment to social change through education. And when you’re ready, head over to the donation page to make your contribution. We’d love to know about your plan to donate, so if you’re comfortable, add your pledge to our Blogathon FAQ comments.

Image credit: Dancing Rabbit

  1. Jynx

    I absolutly love the movement towards sustainable living. that will be the next major hurdle to cover in human living. i do however know of what dancing rabbit is like. if there is to be mutual assistance from all parties, people will need to become openminded. communal living is great, but it holds people to there own mindsets. acceptance towards sustainable living is what we need. dancing rabbit is about recruiting weekened minds, and pushing towards there own ideas. this is fine in moderation, but also cruel. many folks out there have great ideas and should be given the chance to share them. that is what the dancing rabbit i know is all about. other than a few members, there are nothing but close minded individuals residing on this farm. dancing rabbit is about changing the world by example, not feeding your own lifestyle. start accepting all humans, and stop dennying open minds. once dancing rabbit is set free of an underground tyrany, then and only then would i ever support there cause. to Jan, Alline, Kurt , Meadow, Tony, and all the other free thinkers that may be living there still. fight for your ideas, they are great. dont lay down and allow the wrong people to run a so called free state of sustainable living. PEACE and Love

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