We’ve got blogathon prizes…


Yep, it’s been a few weeks since our blogathon for the Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage, but we’ve still got some business to attend to: namely, getting our prizes out. I did the drawing early, but there have been some communication snafus. But, we’ve finally got our ducks in a row here, and can announce the prize winners.

Our blogathon prize winners are…

Congrats to our winners, and many thanks to all who participated in the blogathon!

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  1. heckety

    Well this prize winner is thrilled skinny with her soap nuts prize and is busy assembling a nice dirty pile of laundry to test them on! Thank you so much! To you guys and also to Lisa Albrecht!
    PS leaving comments seemed merely polite considering how interesting the posts were, and how much time and sffort you’d all put into it, and anyhow don’t the Irish love to talk???

  2. THLM

    Wow, this is absolutely a great blog and site. Love the idea of Sustainablog Green Choices Store. Too bad we just discovered your blog now and missed the blogathon. Seems like it was a lot of fun. We make some cool hoodies and t-shirts that are organic and sweat-shop-free. They are made out of cotton using non-reactive dyes and water-based inks. We are a movement that is committed to using materials in a way that promotes our ecological system. Check us out @ http://www.thehotlovemovement.com.

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