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We’re only a few days away from sustainablog’s Pedal-a-Watt Powered Blogathon, and we’re getting pretty excited on this end! We hope you’ll be checking in during the event, and even consider making a pledge to benefit residential outreach and education infrastructure at the Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage.

Here are the details…

When: We’ll start the blogathon at 4pm Central on Friday, March 26, and keep going until 4pm on Saturday, March 27.

Where: Right here at sustainablog.Β  We’ll be doing our thing from eco bed & breakfast The Milkweed Mercantile at Dancing Rabbit.

Who: While I’ll be serving as you MC and blogathoner-in-chief, a number of green bloggers have offered to contribute posts. Still others have donated items that will give away in a drawing… all you have to do to enter is to leave a comment. Needless to say, we’ll filter out the spam and such… please join in the conversation! Go by our blogathon FAQ to see who’s participating (and we’re still happy to have others contribute posts and/or prizes).

Can you donate to the blogathon?

While this should be a great time for the sustainablog community to come together, we’re also doing this raise funds for Dancing Rabbit? We’d be grateful if you made a pledge, either a set amount or a per-post pledge (and 50 posts is the goal for the blogathon).

World's Best Compost ebook
World's Best Compost ebook

If you can donate $50 or more, we’ve even got a “thank you” gift: a copy of the compost making e-book “World’s Best Compost” (which normally sells for $34.77).

All funds raised from the blogathon will go to Dancing Rabbit: we’re donating our time and efforts to this event. If you’d like to make a pledge, please do so in the comments on the FAQ page.

We hope you’ll join us… it should be a great time!

UPDATE: Our donation page is up… thank you in advance for your generosity!

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World’s Best Compost

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