Blogging a Visit to Dancing Rabbit

Last year during Blogging ‘Round the Clock, I took note of the episode of Morgan Spurlock’s Thirty Days that sent two confirmed conspicuous consumers to NW Missouri eco-village Dancing Rabbit. Now another filmmaker, Brian Liloia, is heading to DR, and while I’m assuming he’s going to be filming his three-week sojourn, he’s also blogging about it at his personal blog small-scale. Brian certainly seems much more excited about his trip than Spurlock’s subjects, so it will be interesting to see how his mere twenty-days at this ongoing experiment in sustainable community turns out. I’ll certainly be keeping an eye on his blog, and am just slightly jealous: sounds like a wonderful way to spend a vacation!

BTW, Blogging ‘Round the Clock will be back this year, right around sustainablog’s third birthday (July 11th). Stay tuned…

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