“Blogging ‘Round the Clock” Thank-Yous

This post is certainly overdue, as many people contributed time, effort and money to the success of last week’s Blogging ‘Round the Clock.

Donor Roll

I heard from the Garden’s development office on Thursday, and they’d received $195 in donations via sustainablog. A big, big thank you to our donors:

One More Hand for the Contributors

I owe a big debt of gratitude to all of the post contributors for Blogging ‘Round the Clock. I simply could not have made BRC such a substantive event without your help. So, one more time, our contributing writers:

A note: One might think that we’re a bit lopsided genderwise, so I wanted to note that I did invite a number of women bloggers to contribute…

More Promotors

Finally, I also owe thanks to a number of other blogs and websites that helped spread the word about Blogging ‘Round the Clock:

These are all in addition to our contributors, who also helped greatly in spreading the word.

Of course, I also have to thank Jean Ponzi and KDHX for getting us on the airwaves.

For Taking on Extra Work:

The folks in the development, public relations and information technology offices at the Missouri Botanical Garden. I know they’ve got much bigger donors, but everyone was very kind and helpful.

So, What About Next Year?

I definitely want to do this annually. Some ideas I have:

  • Ask guest posters to take a “shift” on the blog.
  • Approach green businesses about sponsorship and “door prizes.”
  • Make a different local organization the beneficiary of fundraising — I’m torn on this one, as you might imagine, between a great experience this time with the Earthways Center, and the fact that we’ve got a number of organizations and institutions in St. Louis doing important work to promote sustainability… Thoughts?
  • Improve PR, especially locally.

Overall, though, I’m really happy with the way the event worked out, and very grateful to all of you that participated.

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