“Blogging ‘Round the Clock” Two Days Away

I’ve been staying up later the last few days in preparation for Blogging ‘Round the Clock. The buzz keeps growing…

  • Thanks to all the blogs who’ve helped spread the word over the last few days: sustenance, Treehugger, and TriplePundit again. Please, please, please let me know if I’ve missed anyone!
  • Pledges keep coming in — we’re up to a projected $162. Let me know if you’d like to pledge, but keep in mind you can also just make a donation without notifying me ahead of time. Let me know eventually, though, so I can thank you properly.
  • We’ve added another contributing blogger: Al at City Hippy. I’m particularly grateful for Al’s contribution, as he’s written it in the midst of the current chaos in his hometown of London. A note to other contributors: I did send out an email to all of you earlier in the week, but my email’s been acting a little strange. Please let me know if you didn’t receive it, and, again, thank you so much for playing an important role in Blogging ‘Round the Clock.

As always, questions, comments and pledges are very welcome. I’m off to our new neighborhood coffee shop, the Thurman Community Cafe’ (where I plan to buy my triple-certified java for Monday night), but I’ll certainly be keeping a very close eye on the email this weekend.

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