Bob Hunter, Co-Founder of Greenpeace, Dies

From Salon…

Bob Hunter, a Canadian journalist who co-founded the environmental group Greenpeace, died Monday after a battle with prostate cancer, the organization said. He was 63.

Hunter, a columnist for the Vancouver Sun in the 1960s and most recently an ecology broadcaster for Canadian media, first came to prominence in 1971 with the launch of Greenpeace and its protests against nuclear testing. He brought public attention to the hunting of whales and seals, as well as the dumping of toxic waste into the oceans.

The thick-bearded Hunter was once named one of Time magazine’s top eco-heroes of the 20th century.

“Bob was a creative force in shaping Greenpeace,” said Bruce Cox, executive director of Greenpeace Canada. “His passion and his commitment translated into powerful communications, and his unorthodox approach to communications helped define Greenpeace.”

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