Energy Start-Up Wants to Harvest Your Body Heat


So we’ve all heard lots about the benefits of solar energy, but there’s another energy source you may have never considered harvesting: body heat. Yes, that’s right—your body could be expending usable energy right now as we speak.

The “hybrid energy harvesting device” created by Fujitsu Laboratories would work with solar energy to complete a multitude of tasks, from powering lights to running GPS systems.  Surprisingly, the device is made from inexpensive organic materials, making it a viable lowcost option once it hits the market.

Serious bicyclists see an immediate use for such technology, and are looking forward to the day when a cycling jacket, aided by the body heat they generate while riding, will be able to power an MP3 player or LED lights for safer rides at night.

It may seem a little out there, but such an idea reminds us of all the renewable energy sources that we haven’t even begun to dream about yet. The possibilities really are endless…

Kayla Albert is CalFinder’s go-getter who is always on the cutting edge of new trends in any arena, from green remodeling to residential solar power. Find information about solar panels and solar installers at CalFinder.

And after that bike ride, clean up green with organic soap, and natural shampoo and conditioner.

Photo Credit: Tavis Ford under Flickr Creative Commons license.

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