BRC 1: Let’s Get This Party Started…

It’s only 8:30 here in the Central time zone, but I just can’t wait any longer — let’s start Blogging ‘Round the Clock!

How It Will Work: Quite simply, I’ll be blogging for the next 24 hours. Now, I won’t stay glued to my chair for the whole time — my butt’s old enough to flatly reject such a silly notion. But I will post 2-3 times every hour until 9am tomorrow morning.

Join in: Comments, as always, are open — join in the conversation. Also, I’ve got a whole bunch of items ready for posting, but that doesn’t mean I can’t use help — if you run across something interesting, send it along to jmcstras at animail dot net or mcintirj at lincolnu dot edu. You can also IM me through Yahoo! IM, or Skype me (though I just installed that yesterday, so be patient if I’m slow to answer) — links are one the sidebar.

Making Your Donation to the Earthways Center: I’m still taking pledges, so feel free to email me. Whether you’ve pledged or not, you can make your donation to the Earthways Center through this online form on the Missouri Botanical Garden‘s website. It’s a two-part form: part one simply asks for your contact information. Part two is where you enter payment information and let them know that you’re making the donation as part of Blogging ‘Round the Clock. At the bottom of part 2 is a pull-down menu (it’s labeled “Source”) with choices for identifying where you heard about the Garden. Choose (of course) “Sustain-A-Blog” (not my normal spelling, but I’m flexible). You can also note in the comments field that you want to direct your donation to the Earthways Center.

Thanks again for your participation! I’m glad you’re here…

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