BRC 14: Incentives for Ride-Sharing

From ENN via EcoPortal, a story about NuRide, Inc., a Virginia-based company that not only helps commuters find other people to carpool with, but also gives them points (like frequent flyer miles) every time they share a ride.

“The credit for NuRide’s success belongs to commuters, reward partner companies and regional governments who make it all possible,” stated NuRide Chief Executive Officer Rick Steele, “and we are excited to be adding more commuters, more reward partners and more markets in 2005 as NuRide begins to expand nationwide.”

NuRide currently operates in Washington DC and the New York Tri-State Area.

I don’t know how successful some of the other car-sharing/ride-sharing programs have been, but this seems like an excellent way to create more carpoolers. Clearly, we’re all getting an environmental benefit from carpooling, but most of us are more likely to do it if we can also save money at Brookstone and XM Satellite Radio… I noticed on NuRide’s website that they also promote their service as a way for employers to reward employees — anyone aware of companies promoting carpooling like this?

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