BRC 16: Learning the Lessons of Easter Island

I’ve been at it for six hours now — we’re 25% of the way there. I must admit I’m already fading some, but I’ll be here for the duration. There’s no crying in blogging…

From Alternet, an interview with Jared Diamond, the author of Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed. I have yet to read Diamond’s book, but I know it’s getting the same kind of buzz as James Kunstler’s The Long Emergency. In this interview, Diamond discusses what the Easter Islanders, the Mayans, the Greenland Norse, and contemporary Montanans have in common: namely, a willingness to exploit resources in an unsustainable manner. While Diamond’s book clearly goes beyond environmental degradation and the role it plays in societal collapses, there’s no doubt that he sees our present uber-consumer lifestyle, especially when coupled with the threat of climate change, as ominous signs… but signs we can heed.

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