BRC 22: Thinking about Hurricane Dennis

Just took a dinner break (or a supper break, if you’re from the South), and went out on the front porch for a few minutes to watch the much-needed rain that’s falling. I’m certainly enjoying the remnants of Hurricane Dennis that we’re getting up here, but I know folks in the Southeast haven’t been so fortunate. We’re thinking about you tonight…

I was born in the Florida panhandle, and lived there until I was 12, so I’m thinking especially of family friends still living in the area where Dennis came on shore. Also, my sister Karen and her family are in Gainesville — I’m assuming since I haven’t heard differently that the storm didn’t hit as hard there. I hope all of you are well and safe.

Of course, given the subject matter at sustainablog, I have to wonder about climate change. My mother and I were talking this morning, and we could think of 3-4 hurricanes from the twelve years we were down there; obviously, they’ve had more, and more powerful, storms in the last 10-12 months. I know we can’t draw a straight line here (bigger hurricanes=climate change), and climate change is a much bigger phenomenon than a year’s worth of weather, but it sure seems difficult to deny that something’s going on. If any of you can explain the science, please do — I’m at a loss.

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