BRC 25: Paul Schmelzer: Altfuels in the News

Paul Schmelzer is an editor at Adbusters magazine, a freelance writer, and the publisher of Eyeteeth: A Journal of Incisive Ideas

With gas in the US hitting a record $2.33 a gallon, the New York City Council has OK’d plans to trade in some of its classic yellow cabs for gas/electric hybrid SUVs. While the experiment would double the fuel efficiency of cabsβ€”if the entire NYC cab fleet was converted to hybrids, it would be the equivalent of taking 24,000 cars off the road, in terms of production of greenhouse gasesβ€”its success hinges on whether New Yorkers will go for the reduced legroom in the new vehicles.

And, as Sustainablog noted earlier, the even more fuel efficient technology of hydrogen cells may be slow in coming. As a Toyota researcher recently said, there may not even be enough platinum (a key element of the design) in the ground to replace all the world’s petroleum-fuel engines.

And: BioWillie!

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