BRC 36: Harris Ueng: Having Your Cake and Eating It Too

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Environmentalists, responsible consumers, green hippies, and the rest of us wanting to move toward a more sustainable and socially responsible world have traditionally been forced to purchase goods which are sub-par in comparison to the full sweat-shop produced, pesticide-filled versions of the similar goods. If you’re one of the above, who have been patiently waiting for the day that you can purchase sustainable/socially responsible foods that actually taste better and are of better quality than their non-green stablemates, your wait is over.

Today, organic tomatoes taste better. Sweat-free clothing is made of better material. Organic fine wines also no longer taste like watered down table wine. Here’s a short list of quality sustainable products and producers:

Shafer Vineyards
Recently featured in the San Francisco Chronicle and written about in the blogosphere, including here at Sustainablog and The Deep Fried Ghost, Shafer Vineyards is a prime steward of sustainability among vineyards. Try the 2002 Shafer Napa Cabernet Sauvignon for a prime example of how great a sustainable cab can be.

Sheldrake Vineyards
For those of you who enjoy TBA’s and their cousins the spirit, Eiswein’s, I encourage you to try the 2004 Ice Wine Riesling from Sheldrake Point Vineyard — a fully sustainable vineyard in the New York Finger Lakes region.

Hacienda La Minita
Hacienda La Minita’s “La Minita” is a perfect example of a smooth, sweet coffee that has the tolerance to produce superb coffee in a drip machine even if your scooping isn’t properly measured. Brewed strong or light, it provides a wonderfully enjoyable coffee experience. You’ll be comforted in knowing you’re drinking coffee brewed from beans harvested by a farm that supports its local Costa Rican community by not only sustainable practices, but one that has become recognized internationally in leading socially responsible, local community-building business practices. You can’t ask for more than from a business. You can read more in the full article at The Deep Fried Ghost.

There is no longer an excuse for not purchasing sustainable and socially responsible products. Go treat yourself to a fine experience!

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