BRC 48: Indian Building Shooting For LEED Platinum Status

From the Times of India, an article describing the plans for the Auto Cluster Development and Research Institute Limited (ACDRIL) building in Pune, currently under construction:

The institute, which will create centralised design, testing and training facilities for Pune’s auto industry, is aiming for a platinum rating, the highest level in the ‘Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design’ (Leed) green building rating system, developed in the US….

According to him, the auto cluster buildings will use sunlight for most day lighting and natural ventilation to keep the usage of electricity to a minimum for lighting and air-conditioning.

The design envisages roof-top gardens or reducing heat pockets, use of recycled and local building materials, vermiculture, rainwater harvesting, sewage treatment plant, grey water recycling to be used for flushing toilets and gardens and use of renewable energy (solar, wind, etc.) apart from a lot of greenery and water bodies, including a natural stream running through the site to beautify the campus.

Sounds like it will be a beautiful place. I suppose this is an example of what WorldChanging calls “leapfrogging”: India’s still at a point in its development that it’s exempt from Kyoto obligations, but construction projects like this demonstrate that maybe some in the country are willing to bypass the dirtier aspects of growth.

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