British Coalition Launches “Bioethanol Declaration”

Also from Green Car Congress, something for the “Won’t See this in the US Anytime Soon” files:

A coalition of UK companies and campaign groups, including Saab and Friends of the Earth, backed by the Transport and General Workers Union, today launched a campaign urging the Government to encourage the greater use of biofuels and to give a boost to the fledging British environmental industry.

The group is keen to get government backing for UK technology which is capable of manufacturing bioethanol, a green fuel that produces at least 50 per cent fewer carbon emissions than petrol.

Nearly a quarter of all UK carbon emissions come from road transport. If bioethanol replaced 5 per cent of petrol in the UK, it would amount to the equivalent carbon saving of taking one million cars off the road.

This seems a fitting example of yet another coalition of business, environmentalists and labor working together to support environmental progress. Where’s that Jeremy Carl guy…?

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