Brits Developing “Super Boiler”

From Scotsman.com, news of an experimental project between British Gas and Ceres Power to develop “[high-tech] environmentally friendly boilers that could significantly reduce the energy bills of consumers.”

The revolutionary gas central heating systems produce electricity as well as heat, meaning customers could cut down on their electricity bills. The boilers will run on gas-powered “fuel cells” which do not need a pilot light or use combustion, reducing carbon monoxide by between 30 and 50 per cent….

Researchers at Sussex-based Ceres Power have been developing the wafer-thin fuel cells for about 15 years. Each one is about the size of a CD case and about half the thickness of a human hair. They stack together to create a cube-shaped generator which can replace the burner unit in domestic boilers.

However, they will not yet be able to create enough electricity to power a whole house. A six-inch stack of the cells can produce 1kW of electricity – enough to provide heatand hot water, and to power a television, DVD player, computer, fridge and freezer and household lights.

The other problem I see here is the new boiler’s reliance on natural gas. Engineering folks — what do you think?

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