Building a Mobile Kitchen

A standard mobile kitchenSome people build houses. Others, go abroad and help build or rebuild communities. Still others build… mobile kitchens! Earlier this year, students from the University of Toronto‘s master’s program at the faculty of architecture designed and built a mobile kitchen. So what you say? What’s so big about a kitchen table on wheels? Well, some people pimp their cars, these UofT students pimped their kitchen! This kitchen comes with a barbeque, seats about 50, and has garbage, recycling and composting bins available.

This mobile kitchen was made entirely from recycled and donated materials, comes in 3 wood and steel sections (for ease of transport of course), and even sports a fancy-shmancy canopy!

If you’re interested to find out more, or maybe build your own (camping will never be the same), take a look at their website. Follow their instructions, and you can build your own (I suggest using friends to help, but then again, I don’t have a big garage).

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Photo Credit: Thomas Pix via Flickr Media Commons

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