California Sues Automakers for Global Warning Damages

Don’t have a lot of time tonight — heading out to a jazz show at a local venue — but definitely wanted to point to this news: California has filed suit against all of the major car makers for damages caused by global warming. From The Boston Globe:

California’s attorney general yesterday sued the six largest US and Japanese automakers, including GM, Ford, and Toyota, alleging that emissions from their vehicles have harmed health, damaged the environment, and cost the state millions to combat the effects.

“It’s part of a strategy to address global warming,” Attorney General Bill Lockyer said. “The goal . . . is to hold these automobile manufacturers accountable for the monies taxpayers are spending to address these harms.”

The automobile industry’s trade organization claimed political posturing, as Lockyer is running for California state treasurer. That’s possible, maybe even likely, but, wow, we’ve now got two audacious statements against climate change in one week. I have no idea if this suit will go anywhere (Stephen, you out there?), but it will certainly bring attention to the role cars play in contributing to greenhouse gas pollution. We’ll definitely keep close tabs on this one!

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