Can I Get a Match…?

The Liberal Blogospere for Hurricane Relief fund drive has now raised just over $170,000 for the Red Cross. Yesterday, I received an email from the campaign’s co-founder, Kari Chisholm, asking if I could try to find a match for the $50 contribution I made last week. So, it seemed logical to put an appeal out here. Would anyone be willing to match my donation in whole or part? Leave a comment or email me. Regardless, I encourage you to continue to support efforts on behalf of hurricane victims — I’ll certainly do the same, of course. If others of you have already made donations through this effort, feel free to post your own requests for matching donations up in the comments. Kari and co-chair Chris Bowers have set an ambitious goal of $1 million — let’s see what we can do to help.

BTW, I’m not officially affiliated with this drive — I’ve simply put up the ad and made my own donation through them.

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