Can Toyota Save Us from Ourselves?

Thomas Friedman is one of those political columnists that I’m never quite sure how to take — if I remember right, he supported the war in Iraq, but can also take centrist, even liberal, positions at other times. That’s why I’ve kept a skeptical eye on the “geo-green” concept he’s touted of late. In this recent column, though, I find a lot to agree with: Toyota buying up GM may be one of the best things that could happen to the US in terms of addressing energy policy in this country. Friedman’s main point is that hybrid technology, particularly the plug-in or gas-optional hybrid, could play a significant role in lessening our dependence on foreign oil. If that technology is combined with “flex-fuel” technology, we’re that much less dependent on Middle Eastern black gold. It seems so simple, so what’s the rub…?

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