Can You Make Us Laugh?

That’s the question we’re asking at Green Options as we move steadily toward our Feb. 5th launch. We’re looking for a humor writer, a green Dave Barry or Art Buchwald or… well, you get the picture. Here are the details:

Let’s face it: those of us living and promoting the green life can be awfully serious. That’s understandable, as we’re dealing with serious issues like climate change, resource depletion and ecological degradation.

At Green Options, though, we know that green can be fun. In fact, we even believe it can be downright hilarious! And we’re pretty certain that some of you also see the lighter side of the green life.

With that in mind, we’re pleased to announce the Green Options A Lighter Side of Green contest. We’re pretty sure that there’s a green Dave Barry or Art Buchwald out there, and we want to find that writer and hire him or her. The contest winner will receive a one-month starter contract to write for Green Options, and $100.

If you think you’ve got the goods to tickle our funny bones, write a 250-500 word column that addresses some element of the green life in a humorous manner, and send it to [email protected] in MS Word or rich text format by February 1st. Feel free to poke fun at your fellow greenies (we can use it occasionally!).

When we launch on February 5th, we’ll publish all of the contest entries, and ask for comments from GO readers. On February 12th, we’ll announce the winning entry (which will be chosen by the Green Options staff). Once we work out details with that writer, we’ll start featuring his or her work in a weekly column.

We’re moving quickly on this one, so don’t wait around – February 1st is the deadline for entries. We’re looking forward to laughing a lot…!

I know some of you guys are funny, so bring it on! Let me know if you have questions.

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