Cut Your Heating Bill & Carbon Emissions with a DIY Candle Heater

Heating and cooling represent the biggest part of our utility costs (and, most likely, our carbon emissions) because the typical furnace/central air system heats whole buildings (or, at least, large spaces/zones within those buildings). If we just heated/cooled the room we’re in, we’d end up saving quite a bit of energy (and money).

You could do this with judicious use of electric space heaters, but if you really want to save energy and money, the candle heater strikes me as the most sensible option. I learned about these back in the Green Options days when old friend Max Lindbergh interviewed Doyle Doss, the creator of the Kandle Heeterβ„’. They’re still around, and you can pick one up for just under $30. If you really want to save money, though, check out this DIY solution from last week’s Daily Mail:

I don’t know for certain that this works better than the Kandle Heeter, and, truthfully, I’m making an educated guess that these are more efficient than an electric space heater. Feel free to correct me… and to share your own solutions for cheaper heating.

Featured image credit: screen capture from MailOnline video

  1. Doyle Doss

    Hi Jeff, Thank you for the mention and the links . . . much appreciated !! We have been manufacturing the Kandle Heeter tm Candle Holder for over 8 years, it has been an interesting and challenging journey. But I have something new that can really impact carbon footprint and space heating expense. I have developed a simple device that is attached to the wall, put in a length of pipe to the ceiling, and the BluBox tm Thermal Fan pumps the warmest air off the ceiling and injects it onto the floor. Based on a 2.04 watt 12 volt DC computer cooling fan it can be operated 24/7 for a month for less than 15 cents — it is basically “free heat”. Would appreciate any review you may wish to make, and you are more than welcome to call and chat, my number is 707-442-5459, if you catch the machine leave me a call back number and a good time to call. Here is the link to the page http://heatstick.com/_Heat%20StkBluBox.htm Thanks, Doyle

  2. SteveR

    Ok, when it’s -40 out, this is not to help anything. Also, these tea-light candles are basically an oil product, made from paraffin, a by-product of oil refining. Each tea-light gives off the effective heat of a 100W light bulb and lasts only a few hours.

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