Carnival of the Green #11 and an Announcement…

Well, the first day on the job is over, and I’m tired… Had a good time, though! So, I’ll keep it brief tonight. COG #11 is up at Ideal Bite and we’ve got diamonds, talking animals, coffee and swooning over George Clooney. Enjoy, and visit next week at Urban Eco.

And the announcement… I’ve been trying to think of ways to make “Blogging ‘Round the Clock” bigger and better this year. Shea, however, actually came up with something: let’s all Blog ‘Round the Clock. We’re going to work out the details, but if you’re a green blogger interested in joining us for 12, 18 or 24 hours of blogging on behalf of an environmental non-profit (Shea likes The Nature Conservancy, but its still open at this point), let either one of us know (and, Ryan, you count — nobody does biodiesel like you do).

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