Carnival of the Green #21

Another Monday, another Carnival of the Green. Scott Smith at Greenthinkers takes over hosting duties this week, and despite a full weekend at his real job (selling composting toilets), he managed to put together a fine collection of posts from the greener side of the blogosphere. Among this week’s goodies: Siel’s putting together yet another monster list, Aaron’s thinking about post peak eats, Enrique’s noting that bamboo has its down side, Harlan’s taking a look at the rebirth of an old sales technique (with the appropriate literary reference), and Cathleen’s planning to introduce local, in-season food to a younger generation. Hopefully, that’s enough to get you curious — there’s much more where those came from.

In one week, the Carnival reaches its next destination: Exhuberant Pantaphobia… See you there…

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