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Sustainability in Israel: The Present and the Future

Israel, a country perhaps best known for its religious heritage and rich history, has quietly been taking steps toward a sustainable future. The country is not large, with an expected population of just 11 million residents by 2030 (from 8 million nowadays), but it faces some extreme challenges in terms of sustainability.

U.S. Headed for Massive Decline in Carbon Emissions

http://www.earthpolicy.org/index.php?/plan_b_updates/2009/update83 By Lester R. Brown Emissions Drop 9 Percent in Last Two Years For years now, many members of Congress have insisted that cutting carbon emissions was difficult, if not [ … ]

Save on Electricity… and Get Rewarded

Do you remember RecycleBank, the Philadelphia-based company that rewarded customers for recycling? I thought that was a great idea, and I’ve got a similar response to Earth Aid‘s new rewards [ … ]

Greening Hollywood: The Method Behind ESPN’s Madness

XGames 3D: The Movie is ESPN’s first action-sports 3D movie. Soundtrack is by The Crystal Method. ESPN went carbon neutral this year at their summer ESPYs and XGames held at L.A. Live in Downtown Los Angeles. Get the full story from Greening Hollywood.

Sustainability is about Permanence

According to Richard Florida in his latest book, Who’s Your City?, the average American moves every seven years. “More than 40 million people relocate each year; 15 million make significant [ … ]

This Video Says It All

[social_buttons] Editor’s Note: This guest post is originally published at Green For All. People often ask me what the environment has to do with poverty, and why communities of color [ … ]