‘Chevy Apprentice’ Becomes Activism Tool

So, remember way back during the 2004 presidential race when the Bush-Cheney campaign put a “create your own campaign sign” tool on their website, and many progressive jokesters used it as a means to mock our fearless leader (at least until they took the tool down — pretty quickly, if I remember right)? Well, Chevy’s trying something similar with it’s “Chevy Tahoe — The Apprentice” contest, and activists and culture jammers are using the tools provided to create ads calling attention to global warming and the general gas-guzzling obscenity of these monster SUVs. Calvin Jones at Climate Change Action tipped me off to this; he’s linking to as many of the faux commercials as possible. There are also lengthy threads developing at Gristmill and Network Centric Advocacy. One of the Gristmill commenters claimed Chevy had pulled the tool, but I checked moments ago, and it look like it’s still working. Let Calvin know if you make an ad pointing out the environmental degradation created by these monstrous, expensive compensations for tiny penises — of course, feel free to show it off here, too.

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