Chewing Gum On The Sidewalk: Just A Nuisance, Right? [Infographic]

Litter‘s one of those issues I’m often tempted to overlook – after all, it’s mostly about aesthetics, right? No: that trash that gets tossed on the ground finds its way into the surrounding ecosystems, and, depending on its composition, can have ugly impacts. Cigarette butts, the most common form of litter, can leach chemicals into soil and water, and poison wildlife. The second most common form of litter, chewing gum, may well strike you as a relatively harmless nuisance. According to the infographic below from CustomMade, though, the standard gum most of us chew (if we chew it) isn’t biodegradable, and can do much more harm than sticking to the bottom of your shoe.

There are products out their that are more sustainable, including chicle-based gum (the original chewing gum). Are you a chewer? How do you deal with your used gum? Are recycling options available to you? Share your thoughts and experiences with us…

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Not-So-Green Gum: Is Chewing Sustainably a Reality?

Not-So-Green Gum: Is Chewing Sustainably a Reality?
Infographic by CustomMade

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