ChicoBag – Helping to Green Your Halloween

Halloween ChicBagI’m seeing a lot out there about greening your Halloween this year. One way to do that is to send your kids off trick-or-treating with a bag that they can use again and again and again. ChicoBag is selling these great little reusable Halloween shopping bags that would also make great bags for kids to collect their treats in.

I know there are a lot of green products out there to choose from, so why am I telling you about this one particular product. For two reasons.

First of all, I’m a big fan of the ChicoBag. Last April, I was contacted by the company and asked if I would like a couple of bags to check out and review. They sent me two bags, and I’ve been a ChicoBag user ever since.

I think my ChicoBag is fabulous. Why?

  • it folds up very compactly and fits in my small handbag
  • I’ve washed it over a dozen times and it’s still in great condition.
  • it has a nifty little carabeener clip on so I can clip it anywhere I want to
  • keeping it in my handbag has saved me from taking many one time use bags when I’ve gone on an unexpected shopping trip
  • when my ChicoBag finally does give up the ghost, the company will take it back and make sure it is recycled
  • the bag starts conversations about reusable bags

The second reason I’m telling you about this bag is because the design on this particular Chicobag was done by a 12 year old student, Estefania Vargas. The bag features features a happy skeleton watering his pumpkin field/ graveyard at night underneath a full moon. It’s really a great design and the artist should be proud. I have a 9 year old son whose drawing was chosen to be on an eco-friendly t-shirt in a local conest, so I know how thrilled this young girl must be to have her drawing on this bag. The contest was co-sponsored by Green Halloween, a grassroots movement that is helping families and communitites start new, healthier holiday traditons.

Halloween will be here really soon. Sooner than I want it to be. I’ve barely started to prepare. But, I think the next thing on my preparation list is to order a couple of Halloween ChicoBags for my boys so they can collect all their treats in eco-style (and I can later ransack their bags for all my favorite candy).

Image courtesy of GreenFeet.com (where you can order the Halloween ChicoBags for a limited time.)

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