Chinese Companies Greener than Expected

TriplePundit points us to some great news:

Some of China’s biggest and most important companies are intent on improving environmental standards and practices, according to a survey by WWF.

All of the companies participating in the survey said protecting the environment was important, with more than half indicating that it was part of their company’s core values.

According to WWF, this is unexpected given environmental concerns associated with China’s rapidly growing economy.

“The survey shows that a significant group of Chinese companies are more environmentally aware than they are often portrayed,” said Peng Lei, WWF Trade and Investment Programme. “If they can show global leadership, they could not only help solve many of China’s environmental problems, but also the world’s.”

Of course, China’s economy is growing quite rapidly, so one has to wonder if this awareness, even at high levels, is enough soon enough. But, at the same time, it certainly undermines the Bush administation’s claim that economic growth and sustainable development can’t go hand-in-hand.

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