City Hippy and TriplePundit Launch “Carnival of the Green”

Some time back, I mentioned the idea of starting a green/sustainable blog carnival. While I don’t know if I inspired this or not, City Hippy and TriplePundit have run with the idea, and “The Carnival of the Green” will launch on November 7th.

The Carnival of the Green will travel from blog to blog on a weekly basis, like a real carnival. Inspiration came from the Carnival of the Capitalists.

Each week, on mondays, a green blog will host the carnival and will provide, in one single and probably large post, a digest of the posts other green bloggers have submitted for consideration during the previous week (friday to friday).

Each carnival will also have a link to the previous and next carnival hosts as well as a link back to this Launch post (either on City Hippy or Triple Pundit or both if you like).

Congrats to Al and the folks at TriplePundit — I’m glad to see this started! I’ll be hosting the Carnival of the Green on November 21st, so feel free during the previous week to alert me to your best posts! A special congratulations to Al, who’s showing all of us just how productive “joint ventures” in the Sustainable Blogosphere can be…!

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