Clean Water: We Can’t Take it for Granted

clean water infographic

We’re pretty fortunate in the developed world: clean water is generally as close and available as the nearest faucet. We take it for granted that we’ll have all the water we need whenever we need it. But as we just saw in Toledo, Ohio, our public water systemsΒ aren’t always safe from contamination. That was an extreme example; unfortunately, it wasn’t isolated. Β As the infographic below points out, the EPA has discovered many example of drinking water systems polluted with chemicals and microbes.

Reaching for bottled water may seem like a good answer, but not only is bottled water not necessarily safer, it’s also a lot more expensive. A home-based filtration system offers better protection at a reasonable price… and, as the infographic also shows, you’ve got lots of options available to you.

How do you deal with additional chemicals, and potential contaminants, in your tap water? Share your thoughts and ideas with us in the comments.

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The Miracle of Clean Water Infographic
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