Clif Bar, Gomez Roll Out GreenNotes

OK, so I felt a bit old when I got this news — can someone fill me in on British rock band Gomez? What I can say about them is that, in conjunction with a new program by Clif Bar, Gomez is seriously greening its touring operations. Clif Bar’s new GreenNotes program hasn’t officially launched yet, but it has started fulfilling its mission of “[providing] resources to help touring bands reduce their environmental footprint and [encouraging] their fans to do the same.” For Gomez, this means a whole range of new activities and practices, including

  • Using biodiesel to fuel its tour bus
  • offsetting the tour’Β’s CO2 emissions through the purchase of clean, renewable wind energy credits
  • Using recycled paper and soy based inks for printed materials
  • Providing organic cotton merchandise options for its fans
  • Requesting organic food backstage at all shows
  • Minimizing the idling of tour buses
  • Staying at hotels identified as more sustainable

Nothing about smashing guitars or trashing those more sustainable hotel rooms, but, again, I’m showing my age… Given the fact that bands ranging from the Dave Matthews Band to Pearl Jam are taking steps to green their tours, performances and even CDs, I’d guess Clif Bar is creating this program at a really opportune time. I’m looking forward to the official launch, and wonder whether we’ll see band names that even us near-middle-agers can recognize πŸ˜‰

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