Al Gore's Climate Reality Project Blanketing the Web with Climate Science

Update: Sister sites Planetsave and Eat.Drink.BetterΒ (post not live yet) will both be livestreaming the 24 Hours of Reality event. It starts tonight at 7 pm Central Time.

Editor’s note: As someone who’s donated 24 straight hours of time and work for a couple of different causes, I’m looking forward to the Climate Reality Project’s 24 Hours of Reality broadcast (which start tomorrow). I’m donating my Twitter feed and Facebook page to the effort; if I can figure it out, we may even give you a spot to watch the broadcast right here.

So, what is this? I’ll turn it over to Priti Ambani from sister site Ecopreneurist to fill you in on the details…


Priti’s got the rest of the deets up at Ecopreneurist, so head over, check them out, and then let us know if you plan to participate (and how).

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