Colorado State Advertising for CSA Members

Last week, I noted that many university agriculture departments likely don’t do much with sustainable and organic farming practices because much of their outside funding probably comes from the industrial ag. giants. In at least one case, I’m happily proven wrong: Colorado State University has a university community-supported agriculture program that also serves to teach students about sustainable agriculture:

The CSU Specialty Crops Program is looking for members for its 2006 Community Supported Agriculture Program (CSU CSA). Members receive fresh, organically grown produce for 22+ weeks of the growing season. The vegetables are grown at the CSU Horticulture Research Center by student interns who are looking to gain experience in the field of sustainable agriculture. The produce is brought to campus for a weekly pick-up from June through October.

I don’t know if this is open to the general public or just university faculty and staff; either way, I’m happy to see CSU not only teaching sustainable agriculture, but practicing it, regardless of who’s funding their programs.

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