Come Hang with sustainablog to Discuss Avoiding Crappy Last-Minute Gifts

a dancing with the stars doll is a very crappy gift

Still got a few people for whom you want to get gifts? Desperation may be setting in at this point, and it may be tempting to head to the drug store and grab the first thing that seems even remotely appropriate. Not only will that desperation likely come across clearly to the recipient (we’ve all received gifts like that, haven’t we?), but it’s also a good way to insure that your purchase will go to waste… not good for anyone concerned, or the environment!

So, before you go desperation shopping, join us tomorrow at 3pm Central for this week’s Hangin’ with sustainablog Hangout on Β Air, where we’ll share ideas for last-minute gifts that don’t suck… for the recipient, or the environment. Priti Ambani of Ecopreneurist will be there, along with other members of the Important Media team. You’re free to join in the discussion, or just watch… and, of course, we’ll share recordings if you can’t make it.

Image credit:Β napudollworld at flickr under a Creative Commons license

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