Community Recycling: At-Home Textile Recycling Made Easy

textile recycling is easy

textile recycling is easy

Fall is officially here, and like me you’re probably going through your closet deciding which items you’ll keep or toss. I usually fill up my reusable containers and haul my unwanted things to a local thrift store. But this year I’ll save lots of time and recycle extra clothes, shoes and accessories right at my doorstep. Community Recycling (CR) is making easy for everyone to pitch in to reduce the estimated millions of pounds of textiles piling up in landfills each year.

Following their company’s motto of “people recycling for people,” CR Home allows you to recycle 25 to 40 pounds of items at once. First, collect and package all of your gently used clothes, shoes and accessories in a large box. You are asked not to send flip flops, roller skates, boots and heavy winter coats. Check out CR’s website, under the tab CR Home, for more information about their recycling policy. After you’ve verified your items are appropriate to send, you should sign up for a personal profile and print out your free shipping label. Attach the label to your box and leave it for the mail carrier. The really cool part about this process is viewing your “Online Recycling Dashboard” to see where your items have found their next home. Yes, it really is this easy and convenient to recycle. You’ll be saving natural resources (e.g. water, oil, cotton) and helping vendors around the world financially provide for their families.

If you don’t have enough items to fill a box alone, consider partnering with students at local schools and universities to recycle their discarded things along with your own. The “CR Kids” and “CR Campus” programs help to improve classrooms in over 50 countries. And the company will give your school a portion of their proceeds for aiding them in keeping textiles from being wasted. It’s truly a win-win situation for everyone!

Would you recycle more often if it was more convenient for you? Have you ever used an at-home recycling service? If so, leave me note in the comment section. You can learn more about the CR Home program and others at #CRHOME and on their Facebook page.

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