Guerrilla Grafters Make Community Ornamental Trees Bear Fruit

Gotta love stuff like this. In a subversive form of food production, the Guerrilla Grafters have been craftily grafting fruit bearing branches onto otherwise unproductive ornamental fruit trees in the city. In San Francisco (and many other cities), fruit-bearing trees are banned for somewhat ludicrous health concerns, based on fears that the fruit would attract vermin and insects.

The Guerrilla Grafters are turning that notion around, and attempting to make at least some of the thousands of trees in the city productive. In urban areas, where space for food production is intensely limited, the Guerrilla Grafters have targeted an already existing natural resource, in an attempt to make them productive, and to provide food locally.

The group claims that with organization and good stewardship, those thousands of trees can be managed to produce food for local citizens, in effect increasing local food security.


Image credit: flickr via proper dave

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  1. Cristian - ediblecities.org

    This is great – however, I can’t find a contact email for the guerilla grafters. This is a message for you:
    I’ve recently started a bay area (or anywhere really) website dedicated to mapping out publicly available edible fruit. Please have a look at ‘www.ediblecities.org’. So please let me know if there is any way to work together (such as using this tool to map out the edible fruit in your neck of the woods); any other feedback on the project would be appreciated.

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