Confused Voices, Confused Messages: a Poem


confused voices confused messages
sifting through noise to find a scrap of truth
but it’s burned buried stepped on distorted
scraps of trees gray skies murky water
garbage heaps of it
broken and depleted
the damage is done
fat waists glazed eyes
ugly and cultureless
sick and boring
wasting the world away to waste our own lives
tv drugs fast food
reality tv the perfect oxymoron
faster and faster all the time
going nowhere and nowhere all the same
i want the real stuff
new world new culture
eat a carrot
no, grow a carrot and then talk
leave the city behind leave your things behind
burdens junk them what is left
don’t rewind
go forward stay forward
where does this road turn
get bumpy or smooth
or veer off a cliff and down a soft hill into a big open field
wet with dew wet with life
trees and birds and deer and butterflies and music
this is the end and the beginning
if we’re lucky

Image credit: flickr via coxy

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