Congress Send Energy Bill to Bush

While I was out for a couple of days, the US Congress passed the reconciled energy bill and sent it to the White House. The Sustainable Blogosphere, of course, overrunneth with thoughts on this development:

  • Renewable Energy Access has several pieces up addressing the energy bill, including a press release noting funding for ocean renewable energy, solar power provisions in the bill, and a link to a CNN Money article on the “winners and losers” of the debate over this bill.
  • The Union of Concerned Scientists’ Hybridblog has an overview of how hybrid vehicle technology fared in the final bill.
  • Cleanpeace has issued a press release claiming

    New U.S. Energy Bill speeds up oil reserve depletion, increases dangerous dependence on Middle East oil that threatens national and homeland security. Provides funding for major expansion of radioactive energy (Nukes) and continues focus on high polluting fossil energy. Discourages investment in abundant clean energy resources and and protects windfall profits of big oil and energy.

  • And Gristmill’s Andy Brett notes that we shouldn’t take our eye of another pork-laden bill going to the White House: the highway bill.

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