Conservation 2.0: What’s the Next Big Thing?

If you’ve been to Treehugger in the last few weeks, you’ve probably seen that all of us have contributed posts discussing our predictions for the new year (you can find mine here, and others here). The Nature Conservancy is doing something similar on their web site, but with a much broader scope: their “The Next Big Ideas in Conservation: The Future of Protecting Nature” feature brings together opinions from six organization leaders on what will constitute “Conservation 2.o.” According to the site,

Climate change, biodiversity, sustainability and easements: Believe it or not, these ideas were once radical β€” even controversial β€” in conservation circles.

But what are the next big ideas in conservation? Which new approaches and concepts will we rely on to protect nature and human livelihoods β€” when habitat and species losses are accelerating and rising global temperatures threaten to remake the natural world?

The ideas presented range from strict accounting for natural capital to expanding private conservation efforts to oceans to ending the “war on terra.” Each essay is brief but thoughtful, and provides insight into directions for environmental protection that may not be always new, but are definitely a change from the perceived norm. TNC does a real service by bringing these issues up: we’re not the same old environmental movement (though we definitely stand on its shoulders), and new challenges require new practices. Perhaps a few more people will pick up The Ecology of Commerce or Cradle to Cradle after reading these pieces… and get it.

UPDATE: The main link is corrected…. apologies.

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