Considering “Considered”

The Sustainable Blogosphere is all abuzz about Nike’s new Considered line of athletic shoes. Joel Makower considers the implications of Nike’s public declaration of environmental concern with his essay at WorldChanging this week. Treehugger also weighs in on the issue, taking a “wait and see” approach while noting that it’s good to see Nike trying to address sustainability in this product. And Dave Roberts notes that, despite their enviro-friendliness, the Considered is “so… ugly.”

I haven’t bought Nike shoes for years because of the labor issues that arose in the late 90s, but I’d reconsider now. As I read their description of Considered, I’m impressed to see that Nike isn’t merely going for the easiest level of “environmentally friendly,” but is really thinking in terms of sustainability with these shoes. I am impressed, and hope to see more moves like this from our big companies, whether they’ve got image problems to address or not.

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