Corn-Based Plastic Much Cheaper

From Ezra Klein, news that Cargill’s corn-based plastic has dropped in price:

When Cargill launched its factory in 2002, its pellets were far more expensive than equivalent material made from oil. Wild Oats Markets, an early customer, paid 50% more for takeout containers made from the bio-plastic.

But over the last two years, the Cargill plant has gotten more efficient β€” and oil prices have soared.

The result: The “corn-tainers” in the deli now cost Wild Oats 5% less than traditional plastic, Wild Oats spokeswoman Sonja Tuitele said.

The discussion developing on this is interesting, too. Yes, the process is not oil-free, as the fertilizer used to grow the corn is still petroleum-based. But there’s considerably less oil that goes into this process vs. traditional plastics. I think commenter Allen K. brings up an interesting parallel as he compares this to biodiesel (and he doesn’t seem impressed by either), but not necessarily in the sense he means. I have to wonder if these kinds of products will only build the myth that we can farm our way out of the consequences of peak oil. Not likely, and not without starving a lot of people. I don’t see why, though, the waste biomass from corn farming and other forms of agriculture couldn’t be devoted to these kinds of developments.

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