Count One Skeptic for Ecoimagination

Also from Black Bear Speaks, a stinging critique of General Electric’s new “ecoimagination” campaign. The Bear’s not buying it:

Ugh, I feel a big hurl coming on… Dear GE, is “Ecomagination” a cover for your plan to build more nuclear plants all over the planet? I’m not buying it. Do you really think we’re that stupid? Thanks, but no thanks.

A large section of the Housatonic River in Connecticut has been poisoned with PCB by General Electric. GE has effectively delayed efforts to clean up the Housatonic for decades and has spent millions of dollars more on public relations distorting the facts about PCBs in an effort to convince the public that no action is necessary.

GE also continues to undermine the federal Superfund program by challenging key provisions of the statute in federal court.

A responsible, ecologically-minded citizen would not buy anything manufactured by General Electric.

Though I expressed hope for ecoimagination when it was announced, so far I’ve been underwhelmed. The only ads I’ve seen are ones touting “clean coal” that feature supermodel-caliber babes as coal miners. I’m not writing it off at this point, but I think the Bear’s criticisms remind us that we should remain skeptical when multinationals like GE pledge to go green until we can see the proof.

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