Counter Culture Wiki Launches

Thanks to my mate Pip Wilson for tipping me off on one of his newest ventures: the Counter Culture Wiki. For those of you familiar with Pip’s Almanac, you know he’s a proponent and practicioner of permaculture and other sustainable living practices, and the new wiki’s already got pages ready for editing on these subjects. If you follow Pip’s blog, you also know that he’s quite eclectic in his interests, and the wiki represents that, too. What’s it all about?

Our wikia is about the Counterculture of today and through history. Our realm covers centuries, decades, years, days and fleeting moments. Great social movements, inspiring men and women, and partly baked ideas.

We take a wide view, that’s why the person in our logo is Gerrard Winstanley (1609 – 1676), with a hippie flower in his hair. He was countercultural, radical and very influential. Had he lived in the 1960s, he might have been at Woodstock or a Martin Luther King rally. In the 1970s, he might have picketed the Oz Magazine Trial or attended a ConFest. In the 21st Century, he might have been arrested at a demonstration opposing the International Monetary Fund, and chances are he might live in an eco-village designed with Permaculture principles.

It’s hoped that contributors will take the attitude that many viewpoints should not create conflict here. There is room for us all and our varying ideas and interests, so (taking a ‘leaf’ out of old Winstanley’s hat) — let a thousand flowers bloom!

Can’t argue with that! Visit, contribute, enjoy!

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