Crowdsourcing Sustainability: CSX Tomorrow Moves Facebook Contest

Got a great idea for protecting the environment for tomorrow? Something practical and workable that’s not getting much (or any) discussion… or a new take on an older concept? Rail company CSX wants to know about it. Their Tomorrow Moves Project on Facebook is soliciting ideas — any idea — for protecting the natural world for future generations.

OK… you may be thinking “I know rail transportation is greener than most alternatives, but that’s about it.” No worries… you’re idea does not have to involve trains or transportation… again, any idea relating to environmental preservation and impact is fair game. Carl Gerhardstein, assistant vice president for environmental systems and sustainability at CSX, notes that the company simply wants to get conversations started: “Our goal is to encourage dialogue on this important topic and support the environmental leaders of today and tomorrow.”

Get involved in the Tomorrow Moves Project

Entering the contest is pretty simple: “Like” the CSX Facebook page, and the go to the contest page to finish the following prompt in 200 words or less: “To help protect the environment for tomorrow, I would ________.” That’s it. Others can vote on ideas as they’re submitted (and there are already over 200) through May 13 (next Friday); the top ten will go to a panel of judges for winner selection (and disclosure: I’m one of the judges). The creators of the top two ideas we choose will each receive a $5000 prize.

Want to get a handle on the competition so far? A few ideas that caught my eye:

Obviously, that’s a mere handful of the many ideas already submitted… many more to explore and support. They range from the eminently practical (even conservative) to the the far-flung… so if you’ve got a concept that you think could make a difference for future generations access to natural resources, share it…

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