Dating for the Eco-Conscious: Part One

Sunset ParkMy boyfriend Aaron and I have been dating for about 3 years now! Since we met in college, and college students are notably poor, we relied heavily on cheap dates that were within walking distance of campus. The good thing about these sorts of dates is that they are also often very eco-friendly!

First, for the guys, surprise your belle with a bouquet of hand-picked wildflowers. By doing so you are avoiding all of the plastic packaging and chemicals used to keep store-bought flowers alive. Also, a good majority of women are so impressed that you would take the time to pick flowers for them that you will score major brownie points in the ‘being a really sweet guy’ field!

Now to the main event! Taking a walk in the park is one of my favorite sustainable date activities. It may sound simple but it is more charming than you might expect. Plus, not only are you enjoying the environment and each other but you will feel great knowing that you are saving energy by opting for activity which requires no electricity or battery power.

You can supplement your walk by planning a romantic picnic of locally grown strawberries and organic wine or some variation on this healthy, sustainable food theme. Feed each other or laugh about how ridiculous movie stars look when they do that. That’s your call; I just recommend you have an amazing evening!

To end, remember that there is nothing more natural and sustainable as a goodnight kiss. πŸ™‚

Tell me about your eco-friendly dates and activities with friends!

Image Credit: Orangeacid under Creative Commons

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  1. mary

    Handpicked wildflowers are sustainable when picked from a place that someone has planted, and continues to plant them, e.g. my garden. Picking them in the wild damages their reproductive capabilities (you’re picking off their sex organs prior to seed creation) and is illegal in many places, including California.

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