Despinning: Al Gore and Penn & Teller

Blogging on sustainability issues has gotten to be even more rewarding over the past year and a half as green consciousness seems to be awakening on a very large scale. Of course, with that greater consciousness comes renewed efforts to muddy the waters by people and organizations that see such developments as a threat. I ran across a couple of items today that show the lengths some are willing to go to undermine cleaner and greener ways of making progress:

  • A number of other blogs and news outlets have taken note of the recent effort by Peter Schweizer of the Hoover Institute to brand Al Gore a hypocrite. Odiyya at The Conscious Earth lays out the facts behind Mr. Schweizer’s claims. In case you’re interested in Schweizer’s motivation for publishing such false claims, take a look at his employer… Also take note how Schweizer engages in a typical ad hominem attack, never addressing Gore’s argument in An Inconvenient Truth.
  • And when Penn & Teller decide to call a show Bullshit!, they don’t screw around. I’ve watched one or two episodes of the show via YouTube, and have been amazed at how brazenly they push a right-wing line on, well, everything… Richard Littlemore at DeSmog Blog takes them to task specifically for their show on global warming.

I haven’t done as much political coverage lately — it’s not much fun these days — but these kinds of efforts (which have even taken in a few lefties here and there) have to be addressed. What’s that thing again about a liberal media…?

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