Dick and Jeanne Build a More Sustainable Northwest

From The Oregonian, a profile of Dick and Jeanne Roy, founders of the Northwest Earth Institute. The Roys are retiring from the non-profit they founded in 1993, and are leaving behind a legacy of genuine, concrete progress towards a more sustainable world:

Dick and Jeanne are modest people, so allow me to describe what they’ve accomplished in the past 12 years: They’ve helped put Portland at the forefront of a planetwide effort to create a sustainable future.

They created a series of discussion courses in which 10 people would meet for 10 weeks to follow a guided curriculum created by the institute. More than 70,000 people have participated in those courses. Many of those people became so excited about the concept of sustainability, they began to change the way Portland — and other Northwest communities — work.

When one thinks of cities and regions associated with sustainable thought and action, Portland and the Pacific Northwest should come immediately to mind. Congratulations to the Roys for their seminal role in creating this reality, and best wishes for happy, productive and, hopefully, restful golden years!

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