The Connector for DIY Tomato Cages

tomato cages

If you’ve been gardening for any length of time, you’ve probably got a collection of tomato cages: those round wire contraptions that you can stick in the ground around your tomato plants for support. Sure, they work, but you better make sure that your planting space fits them… they don’t offer much in the way of flexibility.

Encinitas, California resident Bob Van Epps has a different idea for a tomato cage: a platform – if you will – based on PVC piping and a connector he’s invented called the Tomato Triangle. According to Van Epps, his simple invention allows for sizing and scalability – the length of piping you choose determines the size of the cage. The Triangle can also be connected to t-joints and other hardware, giving the user the opportunity to create structures that fit his/her needs and space: no reason you couldn’t create tomato cages that double up as the sides of trellis system for other plants, for example. Lots of possibilities here. Van Epps is running a Kickstarter campaign to pre-sell the Tomato Triangle – it’s li

Of course, most good greenies will ask “PVC? Really?” Sure, there are issues here… though it’s also a durable, long-lasting material. Rather then beat a drum either way, I’ll point you to a concise article at Mother Earth News that spells out both sides of the debate over this material. Feel free to add your thoughts on the material or the product itself in the comments below.

Encinitas Resident Creates Tomato Triangle (via Encinitas Patch)

Bob Van Epps is raising money through Kickstarter to bring his product to the market. Encintias resdient Bob Van Epps invented a device called the Tomato Triangle that is a molded plastic connector that when mated with off-the-shelf PVC irrigation…

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